Upcycled Extra Thick Coffee Table, Rustic Chunky,Handmade,Solid Wood,Repurposed

Upcycled Coffee Table made from thick boards in a rustic style, these boards have been lovingly cut,sanded, treated and waxed to create a one of a kind coffee table. Constructed with a traditional dowel method, there are no screw holes or heads on the surface to deter from the feel. As each item is handmade to order, we can stain and wax this piece from any one of the options pictured. (For reference, the table pictured is Dark Oak) or we can leave it natural. Each table will vary slightly in look as each board is different. Knocks and dents, cracks and nail holes, all have been sanded to remove sharp edges but the holes remain as a testament of their previous life. we offer a 3 plank or a 2 plank in each size

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